Merchant Advance

How to apply for a merchant advance

  • A completed “Merchant Cash Advance” application
  • Your last 4 months of your merchant statements
  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Copy of a voided business check
  • Been in business for at least one year
  • Regardless of credit score – you will be approved

Merchant cash advances are based on a merchants future credit card transaction volume and are a simple, hassle free alternative to provide unsecured working capital for merchants up to $500,000 per location. If you are in need of a business loan, Merchant Advance will meet all your needs. Our merchant cash advance program is designed as a convenient way to get the money you need for your business when your company needs a business cash advance most.

We are able to advance you the cash you need based on your future credit card sales. We will provide you and your business with the cash in advance without the formalities and requirements of traditional merchant loan services.

The merchant cash advance is a perfect solution for merchants who need a loan and have bad credit.

Our merchant advance program allows you to leverage the greatest untapped asset you have…. your future sales!

The concept is simple. Our online merchant loans service we will pay you for your future credit card transactions up front. As transactions roll in we get paid back with a small fixed percentage of those daily credit card receipts.

Merchant Advance – up to $500,000

How A Merchant Advance Works:

Your merchant account cash advance is based on future anticipated merchant account credit card processing volume. The cash advance is deducted monthly until the total cash advance is paid back. In most cases the advance will be paid back within 6 months. Then if needed, you can apply for another merchant advance. There is no limit on the amount of cash advances you can receive. Once one cash advance is paid back, simply apply for another advance.

Reasons To Apply For An Advance:

  • 99% Merchant Advance Approval Rate
  • Up To $500K Per Merchant Location
  • Merchant Advance Is Tax Deductible
  • No Financials / Taxes Required
  • No Collateral Needed For Cash Advance
  • No Upfront Costs / Hidden Fees
  • You Are Not Personally Liable For Cash Advance
  • Need A Bad Credit Advance
  • Bankruptcy, Liens, Foreclosures Are Not A Problem

Merchant Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

Our merchant services help you establish merchant accounts for your telephone orders and card-not-present transactions in which they never take physical possession of the customer’s credit card require a special merchant account. Most credit card companies use special criteria to assess risk and have a different fee structure for these types of accounts.